We create unique spaces for living, working and leisure, in harmony with both people and the environment.

Based in Heraklion, Crete we have over 35 years of experience with designing, constructing, renovating and selling houses and apartments, villas, tourist accommodation and working spaces.
At Chnaris Architecture in Construction, creativity is intertwined with expertise. Our experience is combined with the new market techniques in construction.
We are driven by our desire to connect people to each other and to the world around them. We aim to create spaces of high aesthetics and functionality at a cost adapted to today’s economic reality. We offer complete transparency, perfect communication and cooperation. Always by your side: from the beginning and with continuous support even after the completion of each project.

We create spaces with personality and purpose, with high aesthetics and functionality that you will love!

How we’ve got here

Our story begins in1987, when Lazaros Chnaris, a young graduate of the Civil Engineer school at National Technical University of Athens at the time, decides to launch an innovative construction company. Driven by his vision to create spaces of high aesthetics and functionality, he built a fantastic team of expert engineers, architects and technicians.
From the design and construction of houses, apartments, workplaces, tourist resorts to interior design and renovation, we have successfully completed more than 2.900 projects in Crete and the nearby islands.

35 years later, our team follows the initial vision of the company, adjusted to today’s circumstances, while maintaining our principles and values unchanged in time: